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Something For Everyone (SFE)

Something for Everyone is a series of caches that has set out to accommodate many different types of cachers and it includes several types of cache types. There are a variety of different types of hides with some very straight forward and other requiring a bit more thought or skill. You can start anywhere but I choose to start at the very beginning at Grindley Brook lock where there was a little tea room at the end of the walk. Continue reading

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Seven’s 70th Birthday

I felt like doing a long walk this weekend and one with a good number of caches, there are not many within driving distance and Seven’s 70th Birthday series was just on maximum traveling distances of 2 hours 10 mins from home.

The series starts from Risley, heads northwards through Worley’s Wood to Melchbourne, Yelden and Newton Bromswood which marks the halfway mark. Then it turns southward through Knotting, Knotting Green back to Risley. I walked the series comfortably in a day and although it is across undulating countryside, none of the more hillier sections should provide too much trouble. This walk is mainly along footpaths and the occasional short road section. Whilst many of the paths take you around the edges of farmer’s fields, there are quite a number that cross through them. I was pleasantly surprised how dry they were and all were clearly defined. The sign posting was excellent on the whole series making navigating simple. The caches, which are mainly micro’s are set to be found but you will need eagle eyes to spot some of them and expect some gps bounce through the woodland sections. Continue reading

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Over Sixty

The circular series begins from a little place called Shelfield in Warwickshire, about halfway between Redditch and Stratford Upon Avon, it consists of 70 caches plus a few others on the 17 mile or so route. The trail is mainly footpaths and the occasional quiet road section. There is some really nice countryside along the route and great views to enjoy. It is generally flat but there are some inclines but nothing really that hard going. The series has been put out in 6 sections and when I walked it there was a distance of about 1.5 miles from the last cache back to the parking place, perhaps in time this will be filled in with a 7th section! Continue reading

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Concrete Jungle

t’s been a busy summer of geocaching for me including caching in Turkey and Mallorca and I’ve got behind with my blogs. I can’t believe the last one was in May! There just aren’t enough hours in the day. On the other hand it’s been good looking back over where I’ve been caching over the last few months and reminding myself of some great series I’ve done since the spring, including the Concrete Jungle series.

I remember walking this series at the start of June when there were still some really top class displays of bluebells carpeting the floor of the woodland sections of this series and it was a good reminder of how late spring was this year. The series starts from a place called Steeraway, there wasn’t much there just a row of houses and a farm from where the trail began. It was a bad start to the series with a DNF at the first cache, but in hindsight I put that down to me not appreciating what I was actually meant to be looking for. Continue reading

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Great Cotswold Walk – North Loop

After lunch I relocated to the small village of Ablington to do the northern loop on the Great Cotswold Walk series. On the way we passed the famous Arlington Row, it was nice to see but being a bank holiday weekend, it was busy with tourists and cars. By now it was a glorious afternoon and I even slapped on a little sun protection! I walked through the village yesterday so knew where a good place to park would be. We left the village along the riverside passing some kennels. I met up with some lost muggles and helped them find the path they were looking for. The first leg of the walk took us along a track known as Potlicker’s Lane, the path was almost blocked sheep with their lambs, we even helped return an escapee back into the field. Continue reading

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Great Cotswold Walk – Quenington to Ablington

This new power trail is right on my door stop and I’ve been eager to hit the trail ever since it was published but I have been waiting for some decent weather. It’s bank holiday weekend and the weather is looking fine. The walk is a double figure of eight and breaks down into 3 separate walks if you prefer. I decided to the largest loop, the one in the middle that starts from Quenington and goes to Ablington and back through Arlington.

Don’t worry, there aren’t too many cows, just a couple of fields on this loop, but these ones looked so content in the buttercup field lying down in the morning sun, so I had to put it as the first picture. Continue reading

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Grandad John’s Home Challenge North

Refreshed from a good nights sleep and a fish and chip supper back at base camp, today Pip and I took on the challenge of the much larger northern loop of Grandad John’s Home Challenge. Today we started at number 1, parking on the wide verge opposite the church on the outskirts of Mobberly and began the walk at 9:30am to the sound of the church bells chiming.

From the church, we headed north westerly towards Broad Oak Farm. The start of the walk is on the Manchester Airport flight path. As we searched for the early caches in the series, several low flying aircraft went overhead as they took off. We passed through small holding, where some friendly piglets which ran up to the fence as we walked past. Continue reading

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Grandad John’s Home Challenge – South Loop

A few months ago I bought myself a small tent for some weekends away geocaching. The May bank holiday weekend looked like it was going to be dry, even if it wasn’t going to brilliantly sunny. Grandad John’s Home Challenge was on my list of trails that I wanted to do. I found Woodlands Park on UKCampsites and booked to into it in advance and o Saturday morning I drove 2 1/2 hours up to Cheshire from my home in Wiltshire. My plan was to do the southern loop on Saturday and the Longer nothern loop on Sunday.

I began the southern loop at number 56 near Boots Green and headed out west. This first section of the trail gave me a good view of giant Lovell telescope at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. Continue reading

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Woolley Mamouth Series

Day 3 and the final day of the Cambridgeshire Easter Expedition! Another Full English breakfast before leaving the B&B. I could walk from the B&B to the first cache so agreed to check out and pick my car up later.

2 minutes down the road and I had already found the 1st of the series. The first part of the trail took me across some flat farmland terrain towards Spaldwick where we had visited the day before. There had been a hard frost overnight so the ground was much harder which made it much easier across the fields. The first part of the walk was quite straight forward, eventually we reached Belton Hill, then we had to walk down the road before crossing over the busy A14 and heading through Spaldwick, this time entering from the otherside. Continue reading

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Day 2 of my Easter caching expedition began with a nice cooked full English breakfast! I stayed in a B&B in Woolley, right on the door step of the Woolley Mammoth series, but I was saving that one for day 3! Today I decided to walk the S²E² series as it was the longer of the two. Both series have been placed by MarcusMaximi, and they cross over each other at various points, however, I decided that I would walk them separately. S²E² refers to the four villages taken in by the walk, Spaldwick, Stow Longa, Ellington and Easton, I started the trail from Spaldwick.

It was a very cold start to the day but as we arrived at the village the sun was shinning on the old village sign. It was quiet in the village, not yet much sign of life. We parked in a side road and walked a few hundred yards to begin the walk just before 9am. Continue reading

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